Peace is Waiting For You in your Happy Place

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Always find time for things that make you feel happy to be alive.

In times of uncertainty feelings of fear can dominate your thoughts. Feelings of anxiety can start to rise within you. Feelings of overwhelm can start to overwhelm you. Suddenly your stress levels are seriously impacting your life andthreatening your overall health and wellbeing.
While it is important for you to stay connected with your family and friends during times of uncertainty, I believe it iscrucial to stay connected with yourself, and for some of you, maybe even reconnect with yourself.
Recently I met with a group of small business owners and we were discussing the feeling of overwhelm, particularly froma business perspective. We all agreed that there is an energy that is pervading everything. People are stressing,becoming anxious and really not coping.
One of us asked the group, ‘Where is your happy place?’ We all smiled, and the answers starting flowing. One said herhappy place was sitting on top of her pony. One said her happy place was putting on her scuba gear and going beneathour beautiful waters. Another admitted there was no way she would even contemplate donning scuba gear. Sitting on topof a horse was her happy place too.
For me, my happy place is in my garden. When I step outside my back door and wander around my garden, it disconnectsme from what is happening outside my four walls and allows me to enter a sacred space that lies within me. My bloodpressure comes down, my adrenal glands are given a little bit of time out and overall I feel a sense of peace and serenity.
According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a happy place is a memory, situation or activity that makes you feelhappy.
Where is your happy place?
When was the last time you visited it?
Do you struggle to find your happy place within you? I can help you with that! I offer FREE, no-obligation 30-minutediscovery calls designed to give you clarity and provide guidance. Click on this link and book your discovery call today.
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In support of you being the best you you can be,
Keryn Rose
Intuitive Energy Healer
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