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“Gentle” … “WOW” … “Life changing”

This is how some of my clients have described the impact of a Body Code session with me.

Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieves stress and supports the body’s natural ability to heal.

The Body Code is a complete system of natural energy balancing. It is all about finding the underlying causes of disease and

caring for the human body in a healthy and complete way.


Hi. I’m Keryn Rose,

Through my work as an intuitive energy healer, particularly as a certified Body Code practitioner, I’ve had the joy of assisting many people release blocks that were holding them back from experiencing a more abundant life. Clients come to me for a variety of reasons. Some are health based, some are financial based and some are based around relationships, both with themselves and with others. I have clients come to me feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and Smallstruggling with life. I have provided the support they need to move through their struggles and doubts, empowering them to live their life with freedom.


How can I help you?


Feeling Stuck?

Trapped emotions tend to be at the root of all issues within the body, whether they be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual


Feeling Numb?

Trapped emotions in and around your heart can leave you feeling isolated and numb. It makes it hard for love to flow in and out of your heart


Feeling Anxious?

Trapped emotions within our animals can impact on their ability to communicate with us and their mates

Give the Body Full Access to it's healing power

Unleash the body’s natural healing power by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, patterns of failure and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances

Stregthen you relationships + true love

Unleash the body’s natural healing power by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, patterns of failure and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances

Shatter Money Blocks

Unlock your potential for wealth and abundance by releasing the imbalances that cause money blocks and other limitations

Your uniqueness is needed now

Your Uniqueness Is Needed Now

March 09, 20243 min read

Embrace your uniqueness. It's a big part of what's good in the world.

- Keryn Rose -

Your uniqueness is needed now

"I've got all this time on my hands and so many ideas running through my head. Why am I struggling to do anything with them?" This comment was shared with me recently, during a free discovery call.

The lady that shared it is a vibrant soul. Fit and healthy. Always on the go. During one of the lockdowns she had been spending time in her garden and in her kitchen, and yet was feeling frustrated at the apparent inability to 'get things done'. When I asked how long it had been since she had had 'down time', there was silence before she quietly answered 2012.

"Maybe the Universe has gifted you this opportunity to

reconnect with yourself", I quietly said.

Quiet the mind and you will hear the soul speak

When you find yourself in 'unchartered waters' and the world around you is searching for some kind of 'normal' it can feel challenging for some and stressful for others. Everyone will have their own language to describe it.

The world is in a time of great change!

I recently read a Facebook post where the writer described the current global situation as 'a storm that surrounds us all, however we are each in our own boats'. What a powerful reminder of the uniqueness of each one of us on this planet. Now is the time to embrace it!

There is nothing as certain

Your uniqueness is your most powerful asset.

It is your SUPER POWER!

I believe the acceptance of this belief is the secret to the world quickly moving out of the current feeling of unsettledness and into a space of certainty and stability. How do feel knowing that the cure for world peace lies within each one of us ... and that includes YOU?

The answers you seek

'The only constant in life is change'

- Heraclitus, Greek philosopher -

You may be feeling that you are still in the midst of change because the world certainly is. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself. After all, the global community is a collection of individuals. If everyone reconnected with who they are, the world would be full of the most magical and powerful healing energy.

Aristotle, another Greek philosopher said ...

... 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'

He knew the power to be found in synergy; 'the interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects'.

Let stillness direct your words and actions

When was the last time you stopped and spent time with yourself and acknowledged your uniqueness? From an energetic perspective, imagine the healing power that you could harness if you made time to reconnect with your unique awesomeness each and every day? Imagine the impact you would have on your family, your community, your country, your world, and your universe!

Do you feel comfortable with who you are?

I can help! Click on this link to book your free, no obligation 30 minute complimentary discovery call designed to give you clarity and provide guidance to help you embrace your uniqueness more fully.

In support of becoming the best you, you can be

Keryn Rose

Intutive Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

[email protected]

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Keryn Rose

Hi, my name is Keryn Rose and I'm an intuitive energy healer.

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Thank you for all your amazing work. I feel free and clear which is a beautiful state to be in. You facilitated such a big clearing away of old emotion its like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I can breathe again. I am full of so much gratitude for the work you did. Thanks again! <3

Amanda Hassall

Amazing mum, creative spirit and big hearted humanitarian

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