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Keryn is absolutely amazing and the Body Code has been an incredible experience after just two sessions. I had been exhausted with no energy, dizziness and headaches that I hadn’t been able to shift for months. Finally they are almost gone but more importantly I feel like I have my energy levels back and am refreshed. As someone who has no faith in Western medicine and sceptical of all the new age natural therapists she delivered everything I could have hope for and more. ​She is a delight for the soul and am sure I will be touching base again to top up the batteries as needed. Keryn comes from the heart which is a rare quality these days. A shining star and the Body Code really works.

Jacqui Cornwall

Beautiful Soul


I worked with Keryn for 1 month and we had five powerful Body Code sessions together. In our early sessions, Keryn discovered that a great percentage of my spirit was out of my body and we worked together to completely reverse that, which made me feel more in love with myself and my life. After the release of multiple heart wall emotions and other trapped emotions in my body, I started to feel like myself again, more open, creative, confident, and energetic.The effects that I continue to feel in my body and my life were not limited to the issues that we worked on during our sessions. The issues that we focused on in the sessions were feeling powerless, feeling fearful of people’s judgments, and carpel tunnel syndrome trauma memory but the changes I’ve seen went beyond that. I feel happier, my skin became clearer and softer, my relationship with my family improved, and my productivity increases dramatically. This just proves how energy doesn’t have limits when it comes to time and space!

Sara Almudhaf

Graphic Design Professor & Equestrian JumperKuwait City, Kuwai


Thank you for all your amazing work. I feel free and clear which is a beautiful state to be in. You facilitated such a big clearing away of old emotion its like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I can breathe again.

I am full of so much gratitude for the work you did. Thanks again! <3

Amanda Hassall

Amazing mum, creative spirit and big hearted humanitarian


I recently was part of two Body Code sessions with Keryn. I had some internal issues that were bugging me so reached out to Keryn for help to move through these issues. I was fascinated by the insight of the stuck emotions that were uncovered It gave me clarity and awareness of issues within me.

If you are struggling or wanting some self reflection, I would recommend the Body Code.

Thank you Keryn for supporting me.

Michelle Lewis

Awesome mum of three, creative house renovator and compassionate nurse


Thank you for the amazing healing.

Even though I was in another country at the timeI felt the pain lift in my chest and a sense of​​ peace come over me almost instantly.

Peter Wetters



I came away from my session with Keryn feeling cared-for and relaxed. But – the real ‘feel-goods’ came when the rest of the day seemed to feel lighter and with less obstacles. Better still – by the end of the day, two issues that I had been feeling overwhelmed by at work just sorted themselves out.

Thanks, Keryn for your kind and loving nature & opening me up to these changes in my life.”

Mel Tascone

Business owner and mother of three


Keryn treated me recently while I was travelling in the UK through a remote session. I woke with an extremely painful throat infection. The pain felt familiar as I used to struggle with tonsillitis regularly in my teems. Keryn did a session on me and cleared away layers of childhood wounding. Overnight the throat infection miraculously disappeared and I began to feel better immediately. I highly recommend seeing Keryn for any type of emotional or physical pain. You won’t be disappointed”

Kate De Jong

Business coach, mother, yogi, lover of travel and green smoothies


2014 was a tough year for me – I found myself in hospital for the third time and underwent major abdominal surgery.  Unfortunately I found that after surgery I couldn’t eat anything without wanting to vomit. Keryn was my guardian angel in all ways including visiting me in hospital with the ability to carry out  Body Code  sessions from her trusty smart phone!!.  She was an absolute God send and worked tirelessly to assist my recovery with many  Body Code  sessions.  

One particular session remains in my memory – I asked her to work on my digestive tract given the difficulty in keeping food down and digesting.  She tuned in and found the energetic imbalances – removed these whilst I was lying in bed – and to my amazement I was able to sit up and eat the pumpkin soup and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful!! 

I was so incredibly grateful to Keryn and her ability using the Body Code  to assist my healing.

Liz Day

Lover of nature, Particulary plants and passionate Energy Healer


I have experienced an incredible connection with Keryn during ten healing sessions with her. Keryn tuned into my vibration and energy from the other side of the world and identified so many hidden and suppressed emotions that I have held onto both in the present, as well as deep seated emotions from long ago. These had created self limiting beliefs and doubts in myself, my abilities and even the love I deprived myself of.My journey began wanting to unpack what held me back from releasing the weight that no longer serves me. With Keryn’s guidance, patience, love, compassion and understanding, I have been able to achieve that and for the first time in many many years. I have become lighter, both physically, spiritually and emotionallyI would recommend in a vibrational heartbeat that anyone wanting to truly heal and become a better version of themselves would benefit from the wonderful services she provides

Georgina Richards

New Zealand


I had a couple of sessions with Keryn and the best word to describe it is “WOW” Keryn’s empathetic and intuitive nature provide a warm, embracing environment which is essential to healing. When the session was finished, I felt lighter and brighter, a feeling that hasn’t worn off. Keryn is such a beautiful soul with so much insight, providing healing on a level that is difficult to explain but truly needed in the heavy lives we live.”

Kimberley Ultman

Forever a foreigner in foreign lands, Inquisitor of knowledge, and Seeker of beauty and authenticity in all things


I was feeling stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward, even though I knew and believed I wanted to improve my life and relationship.  Keryn suggested a couple of sessions of the Body Code.  I would describe the sessions as a gentle, non-confrontational method to remove the blockages, and open your mind and body to allowing you to move forward. Keryn’s warmth and intuition as an energy healer are an integral part of her role as a certified  Body Code  practitioner. The sessions ran smoothly and I was not always consciously aware of the changes taking place over the following days and weeks.   In some areas, the results were immediate and continue to support my goals for life improvement many months later. I can highly recommend Keryn and the Body Code  as a positive way to help you achieve what you are wanting for your life.

Jennifer Manson

Hard-working corporate account manager, passionate beach dweller with a penchant for pilates


I am so grateful to have found Keryn and the Body Code.   Keryn was so very approachable and easy to speak with.  I had never had any type of energy work or clearing before, so while excited by the prospect, I was also quite nervous.  Keryn made everything so easy, she explained to me the process in the level of detail I needed and then followed up with a lovely call to see how I was a few days later.   The process itself was so very easy for me and really did not take very long at all.  Afterwards I am still feeling an incredible inner-peace and am coping with day to day stresses with so much more strength than I would have in the past. 

I would not hesitate to work with Keryn again, and in fact am looking forward to it!

Teresa Ferreira

Intuitive and gifted success coach, lover of freedom, travel and new experiences with her dog Sjofn for company


My life has completely changed since my first Body Code session with Keryn. For ten years I was depressed, anxious, on daily medication and grieving the loss of my mum. Three days after my initial session I felt the intense joy of being alive. Now, I truly feel love for myself and have been able to process my grief. After five months of working with Keryn, I no longer take medication or suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. I feel peaceful and excited about life and my future. Keryn is my angel on Earth.

Tayla Garrett

wife, mother of 2 cuties, public servant and science geek


My 6yr old has a big and exciting personality. She also used to get very angry, frustrated and worriedwhich often stopped her from having fun. At times, it also made parenting her quite difficult. After three Body Code sessions with Keryn, she came to me and said she is so happy the angry feeling that she was unable to control, is no longer controlling her head.​

We now truly get to enjoy our outrageously funny and fun girl and she’s so much happier.”​(as written by mum Talya Garrett)

Ivy Garrett

– Fun loving angel who is excited with life and her little brother, Carter


My 12mth old was diagnosed with a severe case of eczema at 5mths. I was told by a dermatologist there was nothing I could do but manage the symptoms. After three sessions with Keryn, the eczema began to clear. Within a month, it had completely disappeared and healed. My baby is back to being the happy boy that smiles all day!

His Drs are amazed with the results.

(as written by mum, Talya Garrett)

Carter Garrett

Fun-loving little guy enjoying an eczema free life


I went to see Keryn as I was feeling held back by past hurts, tired and heavy. Keryn welcomed me and was extremely thorough in assessing my imbalances and then clearing them. It is difficult to explain the process but it is very effective and I experienced a genuine shift afterward. After two sessions I feel lighter, brighter and more at peace, and I have a sense of momentum

Tanya Maxwell



Since Daisy’s treatment with Keryn Rose her health has improved and she is back to her normal sweet self. Daisy’s back legs suddenly became weak and she refused to move from her bed, she didn’t appear to be in pain. Within days of her treatment she began to walk well again and her anxious behaviour changed completely. I believe Daisy is very grateful for all of Keryn’s help and her Body Code treatment.( as written by Daisy’s Mum, Marnie LeFevre)

Daisy Le Fevre

Four-legged, and much-loved member of the LeFevre family


I am so happy to recommend Keryn and the amazing work she does. She is such a beautiful person with such a kind soul. After my session I have found such significant changes. I feel so much lighter, peaceful and happy with my lot and trusting that all will work out. I had been under a lot of stress and feeling overwhelmed, heavy and drained. I am now more energised and finding joy in ticking off my dreaded list of tasks.

Thank you with love, hugs and blessings

Paula Cooley

Reiki practitioner and beautiful Soul

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